Special Services

  Dr. Paul Mohr,   Director (334) 242-2209


The Office of Special Programs is responsible for administering programs offered through the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), the nation’s first interstate compact for education.  The SREB was created to provide specific services to member states, to create ways to share resources, and to enable states to achieve together educational programs and improvements that would be impossible or financially impractical for a single state.

       Academic Common Market

Academic Common Market (ACM)
The purpose of the Academic Common Market is to share between states specified academic degree programs located at southern public colleges and universities. This is accomplished through an exchange of students across borders at in-state rates.  This is a Southern Regional Education Board sponsored program. 
  • A list of eligible ACM Programs can be found at SREB.

If the desired program is not available in the ACM Program list, or you are requesting an application to participate in the Academic Common Market, contact

Dr. Paul Mohr
(334) 242-2209
email: paul.mohr@ache.alabama.gov

       Electronic Campus

Electronic Campus
SREB's Electronic Campus was launched in January, 1998 as an "electronic marketplace" of online courses and programs from the South's colleges and universities. The Electronic Campus was designed to provide learning opportunities from accredited colleges and universities that offered courses and programs that exceed SREB's Principles of Good Practice. By doing this, learners could be assured of the quality and integrity of the courses and programs available in the Electronic Campus, that comparable information would be provided to help learners in making decisions that best met their needs, and that learners could quickly and easily search the large database of course and program offerings.

       Minority Doctoral Program

Minority Doctoral Program – Southern Regional Education Board
The Southern Regional Education Board's State Doctoral Scholars Program was developed with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Ford Foundation. It is part of a nationwide initiative, the Compact for Faculty Diversity, to produce more minority Ph.D.s and to encourage them to seek faculty positions.

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